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Cyber Risks Assessments

Cyber Risks Assessments

Which cyber risks should my company actually consider? Are there any current vulnerabilities in the networks and systems? 

Cyber risk is the fastest growing priority of a company today. Around 80% of the global organizations have placed cyber risk in their top 5 priority according to the 2019 Marsh Microsoft Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey Results. Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management.

Expansion of Cyber risk is attached to the increasing use of IT technology. This results in increasing cyber risk and cyber-crime exposure. Were cyber risks first a technological problem, they are now turning into a problem for organizations and people. 

Cyber-crime has grown exponentially over the last 10 years as reported by FBI’s cyber crime’s department IC3. Financial damages registered in 2019 by IC3 were at a value of USD 3,5 billion. Analysts predict cybercrime costs to accelerate to some USD 6 trillion in 2021!

A cyber risk assessment provides you with the insights for your organization in a short time.

Whether you want to comply with the IMO guidelines as a precaution, consider insurance for cyber risks, or simply want to map out which risks your organization runs: Armada helps you with a cyber risk assessment to gain a detailed and realistic overview.

Our expertise in systems, networks and ICT, our knowledge of cyber security and our many years of experience in international shipping make us the ideal partner for identifying real risks. In addition, we naturally like to think along about ways to ensure that the risks are limited. Our advice not only shows the weak spots in the network, but also contains suggestions on how to make improvements and limit any damage caused by cyber-attacks.

Many companies have been confronted with cyber-attacks in recent months. It is not only very annoying that the whole work comes to a standstill, but this, together with remote support (or, on the contrary, flying in locally) means that such a situation often costs a lot of money. 
How much? For some companies we are talking about hundreds of thousands of euros in damage. That is why it is more sensible to invest in a good risk assessment in advance and, for example, to train awareness among the staff. You can also insure your company against cyber risks. The Armada team is also happy to help you with this.

What kind of systems and networks are on board?

How are the networks built?

Where are weak spots?

What dangers are real?

How are the networks secured?

How up-to-date is the technology?

Every person and organization, including its assets, is a potential Cyber risk victim. Either from within the organization (internal risk) or from the outside (external risk). 

Actions from employees generate risk inside the organization. Also, software which is not updated is a risk factor. Purpose intended attempts to collect the company’s data or take-over of its assets is no longer fiction; it is a potential risk from the outside.

Armada’s specialists map out the risks. We not only look at information & data security, but also at IT security.Our goal is to help companies become as cyber ready as they want to be. Our assignments are always tailor-made, because the needs and risks are different for each company.

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