Cyber Security incident? Call +31 (0)10 303 6000 (24/7 available)!

Mitigation & Support

Mitigation & Support

It can happen in a flash. Clicking an infected attachment in an e-mail. Using an infected USB in a company computer. A targeted attack. Hackers or activists who can break into the systems on board in outdated technology. We hear about events like these, every week.

If you now experience a cyber-attack or think you may have been hacked or have a data breach, please call our emergency line by +31 (0)10 303 6000. We are 24/7 available! 

Every company should have an effective cyber risk management program in place. Cyber risk is tied to the whole organization. It therefore requires an integrated approach to effectively manage and mitigate exposure the threats of cyber risks. It should not be managed by IT departments only.

It is important to create a risk profile that should be understood and applied by everyone in the organization. It is important to create a company strategy and apply a management strategy for dealing with cyber risks. The company should also create an investment strategy for dealing with cyber security.

While companies in the transport and maritime may look like ‘regular’ companies they can have their own challenges! Most of them are an essential part in a chain which require them to have a 360degrees cyber security strategy for responding to incidents! Not only their customers, but also their supplies and servants are effected when an incident occurs.

The Armada team can help on an IT infrastructure level. Together with various industry partners, we can limit risks and provide support where needed. 

If we have carried out a risk assessment, this often also yields tailor-made advice.

Our team can help mitigate potential damage by protecting or remediating vulnerabilities in systems and networks. Our technical staff use dedicated tools to 24x7x365 monitor all of your worldwide connected end-points (pc’s / servers / etc.) These tools also provide remote restore and recover capabilities which shortens possible blackout time windows. We also have various reliable ICT solutions for mitigation and support. Armada is one of the few specialists to provide full support, 24/7.

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